I'd Step On A Lego For you

Last night it was raining and beautifully chilly outside. I was sitting on my comfy coach with the windows open and watching Entertainment Tonight (not that I really care what Angelina Jolie's plastic surgeon has to say but whatevs). 

As lovely as this sounds there were a couple things that are missing. 

There were no tiny toes digging into my side as someone attempted to get as close as humanly possible inside my personal space bubble. 

There were no Legos or K'Nex threatening to induce epic amounts of pain to the bottoms of my feet.

There was no sign of the polka dot blanket that used to be white but is now a muted gray after years of being dragged along on a 3 year old's adventures.

There was no ketchup or any other dipping sauce on the menu tonight. 

Spongebob didn't make an appearance on the television. 

There was no one here to ask me "Why" after everything.

There was no one yelling at me from the bathroom to look at the drawings on the mirror in lipstick. 

So the rain keeps falling and the quiet drags on. 

 I used this time to organize the Legos, clean the mirror, make something for dinner that doesn't require a dipping sauce and watch a television show with an actual storyline. 

Of course I miss my kids when they are at their dad's. How could I not?

But it helps to go through the list of things that are absent when they leave and remind myself how sweet those little annoyances actually are. Because for every Lego stepped on, there's a giggle to remember that was caused by the Lego car as it drove up that ticklish arm.

And luckily, I have memories like this to hold me over until they come back to make more memories: 

I let my stud muffin kindergartner walk the 1 block to school the other day. 
I followed him without him noticing. I thought I had succeeded until the next day when we had this conversation: 

R1: Mom, can I walk to school again today?
Me: Sure, I guess....
R1: Great. But can you NOT follow me again this time? Because that was really creepy. 

With convos like that on a regular basis, can you blame me for missing them? 

They will be home again tonight and I can safely say I'll actually be happy to hear Spongebob again. 

Hug your babies.