I'm Feeling 21 aka OLD AS HECK

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Thanks to AdrianaAllieBrittanyJulietteAllie and Sami for this walk down memory lane! 

Feelin' 21 Link Up 

So first these girls who came up with this link up and  want me to remember what happened almost 7 years ago PLUS they want me to remember something that happened while I was busy attempting to take 21 shots of alcohol. So basically, writing about my 21 is pretty much impossible.  But I will give it whirl: 

February, 2007.
(note the old date in the corner is not correct.)
My first legal drink at a restaurant.  It was a Boulevard Wheat. It's pretty much the only drink I recall. 

You know what's great about having an amazing older sister? 
She remembers that she forgot all of her 21st bday shots so she makes you a shot book! 

Thanks to my handy dandy shot book, I know this was Rumplemintz. It was my second shot of the night, I guess I just really want to go in balls blazin.'

The caption with this shot says "Chamborri." I have no idea what it was! 

I remember this shot was called the "Cement Mixer" which totally fit because it tasted like...I don't even know. It was horrible enough that I can still taste it 7 years later. 

This was a Lunch Box: a glass with beer and orange juice with a shot of amaretto dropped in. 

This shot was apparently called a "Gorilla Fart." I was obviously really excited about it and not prejudice against its name. 

So pretty much, it was a fun night. I think. I mean, I AM smiling in all the pictures and people say it was a great party...at least they think it was. 

Oh! I forgot to mention the amazing birthday present I got out of the whole deal that came a little while later....

Wait for it.......

 I know, kid, I was surprised too. 
But trust me, we worked it out just fine. 


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