It's Monday and I'm exhausted


Let me tell you right now there is nothing better than a Monday off work. If you listen very closely you can here the sound of my brain decompressing. 

So, our weekend look liked a blur, looking back on it, which is why I am so thankful to be sitting at my table in my pjs with unlimited coffee, Pandora and a day to myself. 

Saturday morning looked like this: 
My first Chloe & Isabel party! I am so excited about my first pop up shop this weekend. My amazing hostess showed her guests tons of ways to style the jewelry and we had fun playing dress up! Plus she earned over $200 in free Chloe & Isabel products, AND an exclusive hostess necklace and earrings! (You can host an online party if you want! Contact me today if you would like to be my next hostess, just in time for the holidays!) 

I made some awesome, easy muffins for the party. One spice cake mix, one can of pumpkin pie filling, mix and bake at 375 for 20 minutes and then slather with cream cheese icing. YUM.

Saturday night looked like this: 

The Rs and I headed to my work's haunted hayride. They were really good sports and actually, I screamed more than they did! Those damn air horns get me every time! At one point on the hayride, someone came out of the corn field reving up a chain saw and R1 didn't even flinch. Instead he yelled "That is not safe AT ALL!" and everyone laughed! It was so cute. Always a thinker, that one!  I also had a last minute stroke of genius when I ran to the store to get supplies for the bonfire. I didn't want the messiness of melted chocolate for s'mores so I grabbed marshmallows and Chips A'hoy cookies. We made "s'mores" using the cookies in place of chocolate and grahams and they were great! Much easier, quicker and just as yummy!  Also, notice that R1 is either cheesy the camera or moving in all of the photos. The kid.never.stops.moving. 

Sunday looked like this: 
My beautiful niece Lucy was baptized and then the whole family went out to lunch afterwards. What I didn't take pictures of (and you'll thank me for this, I assure you) is the look on my face when I woke up Sunday morning at the exact moment I should have been LEAVING town for the ceremony, which was 2 hours away. FULL ON PANIC MODE. I didn't even dress R1, he rode the whole way in his Angry Bird pjs and no underwear and I dressed him outside the church. R2 had mac and cheese in her hair from the day before and my hair had seen better days but we breezed snuck in in just 10 minutes late and acted like nothing was amiss tried not to sweat. That's how I roll. 

Don't think I didn't stop at Target and Sbucks on my way home either. I picked up the cutest teal chevron wristlet wallet and carried a pair of black high heel booties in my cart for a while until I put them back. Sometimes I like to pretend I can buy all the things. I also scored a gigantic bag of Halloween candy for myself for all the trick or treaters that had nothing but chocolate in it, which is always a win win! Ain't nobody got time for fruit flavors.

Today, I am at home recuperating from a weekend where I can only assume I looked like a chicken running around with her head cut off. (which is a horrible saying by the way, especially if you have ever actually seen a chicken running around headless. It's not pretty). I would much rather prefer the saying "running around like a mother just trying to her best who still looks unflustered and eloquent" but I am pretty sure we all know why that saying doesn't exist.

 Happy Monday friends and cheers to an awesome Halloweenie Thursday! 

This has been another edition of Weekend Shenanigans with the wonderful, I'm-jealous-of-her-hair-Sami! 

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