Judging A Book: I'm Guilty

I am a walking cliche.

I am a lover of books, a bookworm, a library loiterer and kind of a nerd. And I like it that way. 

But there's something I should probably confess before I wave my bookworm flag for all to see. 

I break the number one rule of life. I judge a book by it's cover. 

I can't help it. It just happens. That's like breaking the number one advice in the entire world. It's as bad as if I DIDN'T keep calm and DIDN'T carry on.

And thanks to Twitter, I know now that I am not alone:

Here are 5 book cover essentials:

1. It must say somewhere on the cover "a novel" or "a memoir." I don't want to get home with what I think is a juicy read only to find out it's a self help book disguised as fun.

2. It must have a synopsis and not just reviews and praises from other authors and the New York Times. I need to know straight up if I am reading about some dead grandmother's family secret, a vampire, magic circus or a murder mystery. These are all very important things to know before I put it in my cart! 

2. As Ty pointed out on Twitter, I can't buy movie rendition covers. It seems like I would be cheating on the original. Like, I only like you once you've got work done, because all a movie poster really is the botox of books. And also, this is the funniest thing ever: 

3. The cover can't be too busy. I don't need a bunch of special effects, just a sneak peak of what the book is about, the author and the title. Emily Giffin hits the nail on the head with her books, I think: 

4. If it even looks remotely like it could be smut, then I just can't. Case in point: 

A little piece of my literary heart just died. To recover, here are some of my favorite (an a bit more tasteful) covers: 

What do you think, is the age old "don't judge a book by it's cover" really true in bookworm world?