Someday I will..A Link Up With The Daily Tay

When Taylor does a link up, it's pretty much a given that I am going to belly up to the blog and write about whatever she tells me too. 

"Someday I will" is a pretty great concept. I mean, I can make myself some pretty easy goals. 

Like someday I myself a car. That's doable, right?  There's nothing too intimidating about buying a car. I can handle it, right?  

But what about the more lofty goals? The ones that could be a little harder and might actually take some work and effort? That's what I want to talk about today. And maybe I'll throw some pipedreams in there as well, just to keep it interesting. 

Someday I will...

Someday I will....lose another 20 lbs. I don't know why I'm being so lazy about it. It actually wasn't as hard as I thought the first time I did it. I just stopped eating like a hippo and walked every day. Tell that to the lump on the couch that has only seen the dreadmill 3 times this months. Whoopsies. 

Someday I 

On to the to do list: The west coast, Boston, Chicago, Nashville and overseas at least once. I haven't been outside a 300 mile radius in almost 10 years. It's time my friends. It's time. 

Someday I will...own a house. Because I will be living in this teeny town until my children grow up, it's safe to say that house I will someday buy will be here. I'll start stalking and saving now...check back with me in a couple months (years). 

Someday I will... do something daringly know, the usual: either get a tattoo, cliff dive, skydive, swim with dolphins. 

Someday I will...write a novel. 

It's been sitting in my subconscious for years and until recently, I never knew how it was going to end...and now that I think I know, it's time. I've even taken it a step toward actually doing something about it by signing up for National Novel Writing Month.  It's how wonderful books like Fangirl and The Night Circus were written and I want to my chunk of the literary world in my pocket. Even typing about thinking about writing a novel has my fingers tingling. Someday I WILL.

Someday I will... get over the people I can't please. 

Either by scathingly passive thank you notes, sweet revenge or a smiling winky face, I want to tell those few who've wished me ill will to pack their bags and stay on the other side of the grass.

Someday I will...take a trip somewhere solely to eat food. I want to look up Diners, Drive Ins and Dives to go to, I want to eat at famous places from movies like Serendipity's for hot chocolate in NYC or the famous When Harry Met Sally diner. (I don't even know if those places actually exist but you get the point). 

Someday I for myself. There will come a day where there is no time clock.

Someday I will... clean out my unnecessary 800+ Facebook "Friends."

Someday I will... read all of the Jane Austen books. 

Someday I the Harry Potter series. 

Someday I will...spend an entire day doing nothing but listening to Ted Talks.

Someday I will...visit Napa Valley. I've always wanted to stomp grapes. 

Someday I will...take my kids on an airplane. 

Someday I will...sit down with an author and pick their brain.

Someday I will... have a house where people know they can stop by anytime and I'll always have coffee and a snack to offer them. 

Someday I will... have a gigantic area rug. 

Someday I will...have a tan. A REAL one. 

Someday I will..own an IPhone. Dear Lord please someone take away my stupid Samsung and make me cool.

And now I feel like I really need to get started on this list! What should be first? What's on your "someday list?"