The Weekend That Won Best Ever. Charlie Horse.

Monday already?! 

Sami's Shenanigans
(Thanks to Sami for creating this link up because without which, my life would be much less photographed!)

A quick recap on an awesome weekend:
Friday: We bundled up for a high school football game and handed out free water bottles for my work.  The Rs were perfect for the job and were not too shy to run up to anybody and everybody who came through the door. We ended the night with cuddles on the couch and watched The Croods, which is the CUTEST movie by the way! I also started on R2's fancy zebra costume (pictures below) She's going to be so cute! 

The rest of the weekend was a blur on fun.  Saturday R2 had a sleepover date with her grandma and cousin so it was just Ryder I to fend for ourselves. There were LOTS of Legos laying around! Plus we went on a walk to find bugs to feed Mr. Slow Poke the snapping turtle, who is miraculously still alive and kicking. We ended up at a creek in a rock throwing competition.  

The second half of Saturday, I prepared for the arrival of Brin and Allie. There are no words for how excited I was to hang out with these two awesome ladies. They are so fun, sincere and hilarious. There wasn't a topic we didn't cover. Biscuits? Sure. Online Dating? You betcha. Our life stories? Of course. Charlie Horses? Funniest Thing Ever. I haven't laughed that hard in sooo long! I am on a mission to find them both a single guy in Missouri to set them up with so they can move here and we can all live happily ever after! We even face timed with Faith. We tried Shannon but she was too busy dealing with fleas.Supposedly. (Sorry to all of the Plenty of Fish out there who got totally screwed and all our bliends for the ridiculous snap chats.) Okay, who I am kidding. We aren't sorry at all. 

I also whipped up a few loaves of bread this weekend. I tried a new recipe that turned out really good! Only I should have added an egg because it was a little dry. I will share the recipe later this week for Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Beer Bread! 

Sunday, I managed to write a couple book reviews and get some Chloe and Isabel things organized. It ended with our favorite chicken crock pot meal (chicken breasts, salsa, black beans & corn) some football and a couple wind down drinks. Perfection? I think so. 

This weeks looks like a promising one as well. I get to start brainstorming ideas for R1's SIXTH birthday party. How did that happen? 

Happy Week, Friends!