Weekend Shenans-Winefest For The Win

Oh you fancy just looking at a bunch of photos instead of reading words on this lovely Monday Fall morning? Sounds like a good plan to me! Thanks to Sami, it's time for another Weekend Shenanigans! 

Sami's Shenanigans

Friday: Early morning bake sale on main street to raise money for school activities: 

Friday Night: Hometown Football Homecoming Game. R1 was the crown-bearer and looked pretty handsome! Even my mom stopped by to see him strut his stuff! 

R1 felt pretty big and important riding with the football players in the homecoming parade. 

Saturday, I got ready for Wine fest with my mom! So excited to layer up for the cooler autumn weather! I was born for 60 degree temperatures! 

We tasted all the wine in sight! My favorite from the entire festival was a sweet red called "Arrowhead Red" from Baltimore Bend winery, that turns out is sold at a GAS STATION right by my house. Wine-ho for the win! 

My mom is a very serious pro at pouring.

The vineyards were so pretty! 

This girl. Esther Laurie Rardon. Such a beautiful voice! She sang Ironic and I basically wanted to be her new best friend. I could have listened to her sing forever! 

Sunday was a bum around day. It was also my sister's birthday so we celebrated by snap chatting her videos and making her cards to post on Facebook. This is R2's second pose. At first she just stood there but then asked if I was putting the pictures on Facebook and I said yes, so she had to strike this pose. Girl's got her priorities straight. 

I am not for sure what look R1 was trying to go for but I think it's a toss up between swagger and creeper.

Sunday afternoon: A Jamaican Potato Head made of play-do made his home on my kitchen floor. We also welcomed a baby snapping turtle to our family. His name is Slow Poke and he basically just stands around doing nothing.  

So that's it friends! I actually woke up on this Monday morning feeling ready for the week! I am also getting back on the dreadmill today after an embarrassingly long hiatus. It's time people. Oh and (big UGH) I am giving up my fountain Diet Pepsi. I feel like I am severing a limb. My car was so confused this morning when I turned right instead of heading to Casey's like every other morning of my life. Are withdrawals from fountain pop serious? I guess I am about to find out! 

Happy Monday Friends!