Writers: I Know You Are Out There

I am writing this post to stir some feelings in you.

No, I am not going to talk about the Healthcare Exchange and ObamaCare to stir up a politic debate.

I am not going to talk about the stories of Miley's taboo performances and her illegitimate love child with some rapper. I am not going to start a pop culture injunction by saying I actually love her music and I think Keeyezuz or whoever he calls himself actually made a gorgeous baby. 

I want to talk about  stories that haven't been talked about yet. They haven't been talked about yet because they are original. They are YOURS. 

Maybe you have seen my tweets and Instagram picture, calling all writers to join me as I share their original stories on my blog in a link up called "That's What She Wrote." There were some likes and some responses but truthfully, I thought there'd be more. 

So I am going to try a little harder. Because I know there are amazing stories out there. I read your blogs everyday. You guys are geniuses. You write funny. You write creative. You write serious. You write thought provoking.

So where are the rest of the stories? Where are the stories you really want to write but you're a little scared because you don't want people to think you're being  immature or mean? Where are the stories that are based on your true thoughts, affairs, relationships, confessions? 

Well, thanks to a little thing called "fiction," did you know you can twist and recreate those stories with just enough untruth that you can disguise them as something else?

I stumbled upon the drug that is fiction writing when I was 11. It was story called "Footprints." It was about a little boy who went to play in the snow and went further away from home than his mother advised and got lost. He raced against the falling snowflakes to follow his footprints back to his doorstep. Riveting, I know, but the reason I remember the story is because of the way it made me feel to write it. 

I loved being in control of a happy ending, because Lord knows you can't do that in real life. 

So, if you had a stirring in your brain when you hear the words short story fiction, LISTEN to it and get writing. 

Re-write a different ending to your prom night, take the other fork in the road 9 years ago. Say the words you wished you had said. Change the names, the cities and the circumstances and boom. Fiction. 

Writing your story with a different twist, a new ending or adding a new character (or taking one out for that matter) can be really healing. Trust me, I've done it. It's like giving our diaries a little more power, a little more make believe. And what could be the harm in that? 

I'm just going to give my passion for short stories a little more push because I really think there's a huge world out there we haven't tapped into yet.

And here's another thought. Think of the possibilities there could be to get something off your chest if you could submit your story anonymously. You would get the chance to share your story with others without the fear of your family finding out, or without the fear of being judged, plus you'd get a chance to connect with other women who are just like you, or who are going through what you've gone through. And let me tell you, finding a landing place in the ocean of an uncertain situation will make you feel rescued. (Trust me, I've been there). 

If this amazing circle of bloggers I have met in the past year and half can write all these amazing posts about their every day lives, their opinions on the news, and the books and movies they're watching, can you imagine what would happen if we all added a little make believe to those posts? We could make that ending of Breaking Bad whatever we wanted. We could change the name of the person who landed that part to OUR name, we could have quadruplets instead of just one baby, we could get lost in Las Vegas and never come home again.

Dive in ladies. I promise you the possibilities are endless. 

I am hosting the link up next Friday, Oct. 11, 2013

You'll be able to write your imaginative story, post it to your blog and link up back here. If you want to write it but can't post on your own, I would love to share it anonymously here, just let me know! 

So go on, get to writing!