Lessons my 6 Year Old Has Taught Me

Today, this boy is 6 years old. 

Last year on his birthday, I shared his birth story and bawled like a baby as I typed it. 
This year, I thought I would share what this amazing kid sized man has taught me about life, love and the pursuit of awesomeness. 

1.  You can never love something too much. 

2. Everyday is a fresh start. One time I asked him if he was still upset about an argument we had had the night before and he said:

 "Mom, you don't need to talk about it, it left my head last night when I laid my head down on my pillow."

3. Being considerate is the biggest form of a compliment. (Ryder knows my favorite flavor of Starburst is pink and gets SO excited when he gets one so he can give it to me).

4. Using a nice voice can get you much farther than if you yell. 

5. If you are having a bad day, all you need is someone to make you laugh. 

6. Imagination is the quickest form of a vacation. 

7. Comfy pants with elastic are always better than jeans. 

8. Farting is actually kind of funny. Kind of. 

9. Circumstances are what you make of them.

10. Boredom is just a state of mind.

11. Sarcasm is much funnier coming from the mouth of a kid. 

12. A hand written note is a treasure. 

14. Being a mom is actually pretty easy. Just speak softly as much as possible, keep a steady supply of hot chocolate available, never lose the comfort blankie and always have time to cuddle.

15. Hurting someone's feelings is much more painful for you than you think. 

16. Learning that you are wrong is tough. 

17. Forgiven is a given, as long as you ask for it with a hug.

These are all life lessons that you can't learn from "What to Expect When You Have A Toddler."

These are lessons I have learned because I have the pleasure of being a mother to the most precocious,  energetic, big-hearted little boy I have ever met. I couldn't have created a better person to spend the rest of my life loving. 

6 years ago today I found meaning, unconditional love, compassion, adventure, courage and confidence, all in the form of a 7 lb bundle.

Everyday I am lucky. Everyday, every mistake I have made, every time I yelled, every time overreacted, every time I lost my temper, every time I got tired and took it out on him, it's all forgiven. 

You don't get clean slates like that from humans very often. 

Happy Birthday to my best bud. 
You are my world!