My Grandma Is A Cartoon Plus 90s TV is back!

Hey there friends! 

In celebration of it being Friday morning, I thought I would round up my favorite things about the week...things that made me laugh, roll my eyes, look pretty much anything TMZ is talking about or anything I hear on the horrible local radio stations that are in my area. (Do you ever wonder why the people with the most annoying voices possible are on the radio? Shouldn't that be a red flag?) 
First and foremost, my grandmother discovered Bit Strips on her phone. It's not enough that she keeps me laughing every weekend when she posts a status after having four one too many margaritas. Now she gets to make cartoons about herself that make absolutely no sense but because they come from my grandma, the coolest chick I know, I love them even more. Oh don't panic, I am totally going to share them: 

I mean the first one is pretty self explanatory. Who doesn't love Italian food? But the second? Why is she in a basement wearing a school girl uniform? I have no idea. But Grandma does, and that's all that matters. I can only dream and hope that I have the spunk and alcohol tolerance at her age. In summary, my grandma pretty much rocks. 

On to the shitfest that is pop culture. 

This week, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga both shaved their eyebrows. Lady G even grew a mustage. I don't know why people out on the coast are freaking out. Here in the midwest, that happens to aging women everyday, it's pretty common actually. 

Nicolas Cage has some pictures leaked. If I were TMZ, I would pay for them NOT to be shown on my website. Ick. 

If you have 5 minutes, you should watch this amazingly awkward touch-in-cheek interview between the Biebs and Zach Galifianakis, in which Justin calmly explains why he thinks Ann Frank would be a Belieber...

Another thing we need to talk about: Scandal. First of all, I want THAT HOUSE. And secondly, I give the latest episode's "Take THAT" award to Cyrus's husband. Talk about a turn around. I bet Mr. Bean didn't see that one coming! (no pun intended). And also, seeing Phoebe Buffet as a kick ass political sharp shooter was so awesome. It reminded me of the Friends episode where they pretended that everyone took different paths and instead of a hippy masseuse, she a corporate attorney smoker who kept having heart attacks.

Tuesday morning, the "I'm so excited" rerun of Save by the Bell was on. I can't help but thank Elizabeth Berkeley's stint on DWTS for bringing back my favorite show. 

Speaking of the best shows of my life, there are talks of a Full House Reunion, a sequel to Beetlejuice AND  the Dawson's Creek theme song came on the radio today. I have never been more excited to hear from an old friend. 

Plus I love singing on Twitter and having Gin and Bare It sing back to me. Can we talk about how funny that girl is for a minute? The Snap Chats and Twits I get from this chick make me want to be a better person. And by better, I mean messier hair with a hairier manfriend, dogs with fleas and an affinity for Kotex. She's legit and if you don't know why, go find out and thank me later.

What are we doing this weekend you ask? Not much at 'tal tonight, tomorrow night, a birthday party with friends and Sunday? MAJOR cleaning. Like, can't see the floor of the bedroom cleaning. Today, a Lego fell out of my bra at work. How'd it get there? Nobody knows. 

Happy Friday!