Weekend Recap... Sort Of

Sami's Shenanigans

Here's a new rendition of my Weekend Shenanigans:

What I DIDN'T do this weekend:

I DIDN'T take hardly any photos because my phone broke for good last week. Stupid Samsung. They should just figure out a shatter proof screen already. Finding a Jenni-proof phone that can withstand the trauma I put phones through is probably a pretty tough feat, I am aware. I will share the few I was able to take in this super short recap post!

I DIDN'T say no to amazing cupcakes at the new Small Cakes cupcake shop that opened in St. Joseph. A cupcake shop right next to a Chipotle? Dios Mios.

 I DIDN'T say no to drinking a couple of these this weekend with my bestie: 

I DIDN'T succeed in getting R2 to smile for a photo while out to dinner with the Rs this weekend: 

Making memories, people! 

I had a work event all day Saturday that left me exhausted that night and all day Sunday, so the Rs and I just laid around. I managed to make some chicken chili in the Crockpot and catch up on laundry, read The Circle (Can't wait for the review on this one!)  and that's about it! R1 and I designed invitations to his birthday party and sent those out. This week my mission is to find a bakery who can tackle a Star Wars/Lego cake! 

We ended the weekend by going out to eat and getting Froyo. Yes please!  

So that's our weekend. I did get a new phone with a camera so hopefully next week's update is a bit more colorful. Check back with us!