When You Read, What Do You Like? A Writer's Questionnaire.

I need your help.

I'm finally doing it. I am finally started to write THE NOVEL.

You know, the one that has been sitting on my chest and in my subconscious since the beginning of my time. 

So help me out. Give me answers to these questions. Pick a few, do them all, anything! 

When you read, do you like first person perspective? 

Do you like "I drank the coffee" or "Susie drank the coffee?"

Do you like a lot of quick, short chapters?

Do you like long chapters? 

Do you think epilogues and prologues are essential?

How many characters are too many? Would you be happy with just a handful of essential characters or do you like several?

What do you feel about love scenes? Are they really important? Do you tend to want more details or less? 

Do you like when a book goes back and forth between time periods?

Do you like when multiple characters tell the story from their point of view? 

Do you like correspondence between characters, like letters, emails, etc? 

Do you like knowing all the tiny details, like the lay out of the main character's house or the type of music they listen to on the radio? Do you want to know their color of hair and what they wear to work? 

Is knowing the setting, era, place, time span, important to you? 

Do you like real life references, like reading about John Mayer or Angelina Jolie, or do you like made up characters that you can use your imagination to create when the book talks about movies, music, celebrities, etc? 

How many pages of a book are too many? 

Do you like a lot of back and forth conversation and tons of dialogue or do you enjoy paraphrasing?

I can't help but yell from the rooftops (blog) how important these answers would be to me, so please share, comment, email, tweet, whatever you can, to help me discover how I should go about this. I know the story, it's been in my head for years. Now I just need to get the skeleton right. 

Happy Friday! :)