Weekend Shenans & Don't forget to Link Up Wednesday!

This weekend went by in a flash! 
We started one of the MANY Christmas celebrations with dinner on a boat. It's a tradition with my grandpa's family that is always so fun and the kids love it! 

After that we arrived at my grandpa and grandma's for a dessert feast and gifts. There's just something about opening presents with 13,000 little kids that makes me want to pop a Xannie.  I kid. I actually popped 2.  We came home with tons of cute little toys for the kids and a comfy scarf, candle and travel coffee mug for me. One of the said toys is actually dangling from my ceiling as I type...

But really, I love spending time with my family and can't wait to do it again next weekend. And the weekend after that too. 

My contribution to the dessert smorgasbord was a super easy recipe I found on Pinterest: A yellow cake mix, 2 eggs, 5 tbsps of melted butter and 2 cups of mini chocolate chips and mini M&Ms. They were a huge hit! (Both with the crowd and with me, since they are quick and easy! The kids even got in on the action: )

Here's a snap shot of some of my favorite women in the whole world: My mom and two sisters. Love them so! 

That sums up this shenanigans recap! 

Speaking of Recaps, don't forget to come back on Wednesday to link up your favorite things of 2013! 

I haven't gotten my complete list of favorites done yet, but I know it's going to include groups of my favorite blogs posts I wrote, favorites of others' that I have read this year, my favorite books, movies, pictures and more! 

Can't wait to read yours!