You're Always A Kid On Christmas

The Daily Tay

It's no secret that I love presents. Everytime I send gift ideas for the kids to my mom, I get an eye roll and a "yeah right, this is totally so you can play with it" look.
And it's true. I can't help it. I LOVE Barbies. And plus, I never got an Easy Bake Oven or a drivable Barbie Jeep so I'm pretty sure my maturity for toys was stunted at age 7. I blame my mom.

I remember quite fondly those gifts that I did score as a kid. I remember several pictures of me (with bowl cut hair all messed up and flannel, floor length night gowns of course) on Christmas morning with a look of pure joy as I reached inside the thin cardboard boxes filled with what would surely be my next favorite thing.

A pink fuzzy robe, a Mickey Mouse lunchbox, a cat that moved by remote control, a kitchen and once, an adorable Yorkie puppy who eventually terrorized the neighborhood.

You know how I know my mom loved Christmas when we were little?
Because we always were wearing something tacky. We wore Tacky Christmas sweaters LONG before Goodwill was jacking up the prices on them because everyone was buying them for office parties.

I'll always be a kid on Christmas because I love opening gifts...almost as much as I love watching loved ones unwrap the ones I've given them. I almost always burst out "It's a foot spa!" or "it's a Snuggy in fashionable leopard print!" before they've gotten the paper off because I can't take the excitement. 

I'll always be a kid on Christmas because I love to pick up wrapped presents and shake them to guess what may be inside. (The heavier, the better) Unless it's a little teal box. Winky face. 

I'll always be a kid on Christmas because I still love Cheez Wiz on celery sticks, candy canes and those Butterfinger candies in the shape of a bell. Oh and chocolate covered cordial cherries. 

I could go on for days! Can't wait to capture all the pictures of my little ones enjoying all the things I love about Christmas too!