A Labor of Love: My Sister's Story

So this week, we celebrated the 6th month birthday of this beautiful little piece of wonder: 

My niece, Lucy Wynn...  

And in honor of Lucy, my sister is sharing her pregnancy and labor story on my blog today...and I couldn't love her more for it. I am so thankful to have both of these ladies in my life! Big sister, take it away....
My husband and I tried for almost a year to get pregnant. I am not going to lie…I took a TON of negative pregnancy tests….not because I thought I was actually pregnant, but because the commercial said you could test two weeks early. Then one afternoon it happened…I took the test and there it was. Sitting on my sink was a POSITIVE pregnancy test. I will never forget that feeling.
Not long after I found out I was pregnant, I found out that I was in total control of something for the first time in my life. Every morning I woke up, I felt like I had something to celebrate. I tried to turn every aspect of my pregnancy into something positive. Not feeling well meant that the baby was healthy and growing. Heartburn meant she could have a head full of hair. I documented the growth of my belly with photos and cute timeline cover photos that measured how many weeks I was with different sizes of fruit.

I had a huge gender reveal party where my husband and I opened a box and a whole bunch of pink balloons filled the air.

Everything about my pregnancy was celebrated. I got heat for this too. I remember one time during my pregnancy someone said to me…” I didn't know the world revolved around you and your unborn child”….that killed me. I felt like someone took a hammer and beat my heart with it. I couldn’t understand how another human being, let alone a family member, could ever say something so hurtful. But then I found out this person had no love for me and my family and what he said did not matter. That moment was a great example of how pregnancy changes you... it makes you realize what is truly important...and dwelling on anything less than positiveness is not worth you or your baby's time. When you are becoming a mother and growing a life, your job is so much more important than paying attention and caring about the negativity created by others who don't matter. It was an important lesson that the enlightenment of pregnancy taught me.

BACK to being happy I went….overloading the internet with the joy of my baby. 
I had so many moms tell me horror stories about labor. The pain, the pushing, the back aches….oh my God I was terrified. I found baths to be very comforting when I was pregnant. I took one almost every night and it was then where I would lay there, put my hands on my belly and visualize my labor. I wanted it to be something that was happy and joyful. I would visualize the nurses and doctor getting ready. I would visualize my epidural, cause let’s face it….that was happening no matter what! I visualized me pushing and the DR putting my baby on my chest. In my head there would be music playing and all of my family would be there with happy tears.
39 weeks and 3 days pregnant. That’s when it happened. 4:00 am came and my labor started. I was at home and it was painful, but I knew that was great because we would soon meet our girl! I took a bath and talked to my baby…I told her what we were going to do and how I would help her. Delivering a baby is a team sport. It’s you and the baby….you are working together and you have to help each other. 10:00 am we headed to the hospital where I was ready for my epidural. And then, just like I had visualized it happening: at 7:01 pm on 7.11.13, as the music played we welcomed Lucy Wynn Santo. And just like I had visualized my family was there with happy tears.

I have a lot of women ask me about my pregnancy and delivery and I swear to them that it was the easiest and most rewarding thing I have ever done. I credit it to my happiness and celebrating. Every milestone and trail can be celebrated and turned into something pretty amazing. You can never EVER share too much joy or too much love. Don’t let anyone ever let you feel scared or negative. You control your happiness. When I look back on my life and my daughter's life, I want to see dancing, glitter, balloons, and happiness. That’s what I visualize….just like how it all started… with one big positive.

And that, my friends, is why my sister rocks. "Nough said.