I Dream About Taylor Swift and Dirty Toilets

Have you ever woken up after a dream and looked around, going "what in the hell....." That was WEIRD. 

I'm pretty sure if anyone could watch my dreams on one of those magic pillows I've seen on Pinterest, I would be less popular than the Beibs right now. My sub conscience has some issues

So in an attempt to make myself feel more normal, I am going to tell you about some of my dreams and then you'll comment and say "me too!" "I totally dream that!" "You are normal!"

So here we go: 

I am in a lake with a bunch of friends when someone tells us there is an anaconda in the water, so I start swimming as fast as I can to get to the shore and I can see the snake swimming faster and faster, catching up to me. When I finally get to the bank, I crawl out and race up a hill and climb onto a swing set. I watch as the snake slithers out of the water and suddenly, it transforms into Taylor Swift and Kesha. They come up to me and we swing together.


Phone Calls: A reoccurring dream I have is that I can't dial the right phone number. Whether I am just trying to call a friend or sometimes, it's an emergency and I am trying to dial 9-1-1 but every time I try, I push the wrong number and have to start over again.

Teeth: Another one is that my teeth keep falling out. And I keep regrowing them. And the fall out again. I HATE this dream. Most times, I literally force myself to wake up because I hate it so much.
They are so real that when I wake up, I actually feel for my teeth to make sure they are all still there and am literally relieved to find them in their place.

Racing Against the Clock: I also dream that I am late. ALOT. The dream always goes something like this: There is somewhere I need to be but there are always reasons why I can't get there on time. Sometimes, my car breaks down, sometimes I can't run fast enough to my destination and sometimes I forget something at the house and have to keep going back inside right as I try to leave. Once, I had told all of my friends and family that I was getting married and to meet me at the church. There was only one problem: I didn't have a groom. So I was running around town (in a dress I had made in my high school sewing class) asking all of these guys from my grade to marry me, while still trying to make it to the alter in time. I'm always racing against the clock.

Dirty Toilets: The worse dreams I have a lot are dirty bathrooms. There is always this huge communal bathroom with all these people using it, no stalls, sometimes it's just one giant toilet that everyone uses at the same time, they just find an open spot on the side and sit. And the bathrooms and toilets are always filthy. It's awful. The other night I was in a rollerskating rank and realized I had to go to the bathroom. When I found the bathroom and realized it was a dirty one with tons of people, I said to myself in my dream "Oh man, I hate these kinds, it's another dirty toilet dream!" 

And don't get me started on the R rated dreams. What in.the.bloody.hell. I can't even. But if you have those dreams that you can't even repeat, I'd love to hear I am no alone! They are so real that I wake up embarrassed! 

So here's your chance: Share with me your weirdest, craziest dreams so we can also feel normal! :)