Pit & Peak #2

I love Fridays. Even more so now because it means Pit and the Peak is back! 

I loved reading about everyone's week and can't wait to do it again! 

There are many reasons I love Friday but mostly, it's because I can usually work from home, which means leggings, a sports bra and all the home brewed coffee I can keep in stock. Yes, McPlease. 

There are tons of peaks this week to talk about. One of them is actually happening as I type this. (thursday night). R1 is currently snuggled perfectly by my side, being all cuddly, still and quiet. THIS NEVER HAPPENS. Crap, I probably just jinxed it.

Where do I start with all the other peaks? There was a lunch date with mi madre, Netflix after Netflix of Mad Men and a tear jerking, I-love-being-a-mom moment thanks to my adorable, loving, crazy 6 year old. That note. I swear. I cried. 

"Mom, when you smile, it warms my heart."

And last but not least, the best Peak Tweet of the Week by the one and only @theotherjuliette:
It was pretty much my favorite thing that happened on the interwebs this week. 

My pit? Hmmmm I actually have to think hard about what it might be. There are definitely some things going on my personal life that I would rrrrrrrealllllly like to NOT be going on but c'est la vie, no? Sometimes I wish people could just let go and let live, you know? Isn't there a magic potion out there that I could slip in someone's drink so they could just not give a shit anymore? (And yes I know what you're thinking: It's called Xanax. Trust me, I've already thought of that and this situation calls for something much stronger.) 

What was your peak and pit?! 
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