Sean, Pink & Taylor: My thoughts on the Grammys

My thoughts on the Grammys: 

Thank God Tay Tay got over the old lady hair and red lips and taffeta. Girl looked good n' sexy last night! And that look she gave the camera during "All Too Well" was deadly! And the hair flip made my neck hurt. But she rocked it and she rocked it good. 

Daft Punk is just weird. I didn't even know they were a thing. But they must be because they got to wear their helmets on stage with Stevie Wonder. 

I love Pink. And her hair and her thighs. And her emotion. And her acrobats. Just all of it. 

Sean Lennon got caught grooving big time and then minute he realized the camera was on him, he went back to being dead serious. It was very moody of him. 

Beyonce and Jay-Z rule the world. I couldn't understand a word they were singing at the opening performance but who really cares? Plus, I am so glad Beyonce agrees with me when I say my hair looks sexy right out of the shower. It's a good look, I've been saying that for years!  Jay-Z told baby girl Blu he was bringing her home a giant sippy cup (the grammaphone) when he won and my heart melted! 

I love Gulianna, but someone on E! needs to feed that woman a cheeseburger. 

And then I got too sleepy to watch much more. I think I might have missed Bruno, which makes me said. Also, Katy Perry....I love you but I just didn't get it. Where you a witch? Where you a horsemen?  Why were your boobs glowing red? But your red carpet Valentino dress was TO DIE FOR. Nailed it. 

My favorite part of the whole night was probably LL Cool Jay's commentary. It was the first awards show that the host didn't continually bash and make fun of other people. He actually spent the evening congratulating and complimenting the artists in audience. I don't think I heard him make one bad joke and I really liked that! Not that I don't LOVE Tina and Amy, but sometimes, it's just nice to smile about something that doesn't require a mean joke at someone else's expense. 

What are you favorite songs out right now? I just found my Ipod after losing it for months and I am ready to load it up with new stuff!