A Very Peaky Week!

My gosh, where do I start this week? 

First there are literally no pits this week. I mean I am sitting here trying to think of one and nothing is coming up. 
Oh, wait! I just thought of one! Ryder had a rough time at school earlier this week. I even got an email from his teacher. If you know Ryder, you know that he's rambunctious. Like, bull in a china cabinet crazy. His loving teacher calls it  problems  with "self control" which I think is the nicest way to put it. I just say  the kid can't sit still to save his life. And everything is just a little too much. For instance, if you get a hug from Ryder, it's not just a little squeeze. If he is hugging you, he's squeezing as hard as he can and chances are, lifting you off the ground and spinning you around as well.  So anyway, we had a long talk and I took his Xbox privileges away for the week. He gets them back IF when I email his teacher back today, she gives me a good report and tells me Ryder's behavior improved. Oh, the life of having a six year old... 

Peaks? Where do I start?? 

Start with a great day shopping and having lunch with my mom, sister, aunt, niece and manfriend, followed by finding a pair of Steve Madden boots that were $150.00 and I got them for $30! 
OH YEAH AND manfriend got us TICKETS TO SEE CHELSEA HANDLER! Which pretty much made my perfect day go off the charts.  I can.not.wait.!!!!!!!!!!! 

Then dinner was a pretty big peak too. I just realized I didn't get many pictures. A group of my very best friends took me out to dinner and then this lady showed up: 

Talk about a major surprise! I just kept jumping up and down asking her what she was doing there! My face still hurts from all the smiling! Plus, she brought me a cake, so that was just even better! 

You know what I felt like on my birthday? LOVED. 
That's really the only word that begins to describe how wonderful I felt yesterday. 
When you are lucky enough to find people who really make you happy, who bring out the best in you and in return, make you a better friend too, it's totally and utterly priceless and I can't imagine a better way to spend a birthday than surrounding myself with such amazing friends and family. 

Tonight, I have a hot Valentine's date with a couple cute little kiddos. They get to pick where we are going to dinner. Chances are, we'll end up at Subway but that's just fine with me! 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Can't wait to hear about your Pit&Peak!