If I Ruled the World

You know what happens when women get together and start talking about their ideal this and ideal that? Pretty soon you go from talking about Starbucks to how your future home is going to have an outdoor patio kitchen, 2 golden retrievers and in home gym.

Well two of my best blog gal pals and I decided to keep the conversation going. You know these girls?

They are the funniest, sweetest and most creative ladies I know. So why wouldn't we get together to tell you all about how life would be just a little bit sweetier if we ruled the world? Be sure to check out their blogs today too and read about their worlds. Chances are, they'll be a lot wittier than me! 

If I ruled the world my kids...I almost said would stay just the way they are but we all know that's crazy talk. If I ruled the world, my kids would have an attention span that would at least allow me to sneak in an extra episode of whatever show I am currently bingeing at the time, while they played with toys or did a craft. I swear, if I am able to occupy them for even a minute, the second I start out of the room, their little mommy radars go off, lights flashing.

But it all seriousness, if I ruled the world, my kids would only ever face adversities that they immediately knew they had the confidence and strength to face, that they get to fall in love and only get their heart good and broken one time, while they are still young. In my world, they'd always have a sense of curiosity, and they'd always be brave.

If I ruled the world, I'd always look like Kate Upton so that sex would always look like a tutorial in Men's Journal or GQ. Also, it would burn enough calories and tone enough muscles that it could officially take the place of any cardio or 5k training I would ever need. I mean, I've seen Zumba and that's pretty much the same thing, am I right?

If I ruled the world, I would have known way back in the day when I started friending everyone and their dog just how potentially ANNOYING those "friends" could be. Now that I have so many, it's too big a pain in the ass to unfriend them all so my newsfeed is too overwhelming. The unfollow button is my REAL best friend on Facebook.  But in all seriousness, if I ruled the world, my Facebook feed would only feature cute pictures of my niece, funny random posts from Grandma Terry and witty stuff from smart people.

If I ruled the world, everything in life would have Hefe filter on it. And you and I would follow each other and life would be grand. Man I love Instagram. 

This is easy. If I ruled the world, every outfit I ever pinned would magically appear in my closet and I would actually BE the creative, crafty, organized and well dressed woman Pinterest makes me feel like. Check out my recipes, hypothetical wedding plans and fantasy wardrobe here.

If I ruled the world...everyone could just do and be whatever they wanted. And I mean that to be taken with a grain of salt. Just, be and let be. If you want to have a passionate love affair with your Voltswagon like that guy on TLC, so be it. If you fall in love with someone at an inopportune time in your life, worse things have happened. Just let it be. 

If I ruled the world, we would all look at the people who are in love and in healthy relationships and just wish them well. Not judge them, not be jealous, not pass it off as something less. And while I was ruling, I would also make sure that everyone felt love every day, in some form or another. 

If I ruled the world, family would always remember where they got their start and would always just know the way back home.

Cell phones:
If I ruled the world, cell phones would never break (especially the BRAND new ones that you were totally in love with). Plus, they would have everlasting battery life, and a new model with better features would only come out like, once every two years so that you would have plenty of time to prepare and you wouldn't have phone envy the day after you got your new phone and it was already the older version. 

If I ruled the world, everyone would just blog whatever they wanted and we would all have more time to sit and read each other's words and be happy. We are so fortunate to have a world where we can connect with others who have so much of the same humor and who are all so creative. I LOVE blogging. I love the outlet it gives me and I love the people I have met both in real life and mostly just on Snap Chat ( Gin & Bare It ) In my world, there would always be a place we could easily meet in person for drinks on Thursdays (and Fridays and Saturdays too). 

What would happen if YOU ruled the world?