I'm The Kind Of Girl Who...

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Yesterday there was a great link up over at HeyHollywood and I am just getting around to writing my post today. This is a great prompt and once I got started, I couldn't stop! 

Believes in the power of a restart button

Doesn't feel bad about indulging in guilty pleasures

Believes in the power of a sincere apology

Knows the power behind tears

Knows the power of a fountain Diet Pepsi and a long car ride with a good friend

Enjoys reconnecting with old pals you haven't heard from in years

Loves getting lost in a book.

Loves paperbacks over ebooks.

Sometimes wears too much make up and other days wears none at all

Wishes she took more pictures

Wishes she was better at sending thank you notes

Plays on the floor with her kids even though her house is a mess

Lets her kids eat on the living room floor on nights she feels like it

Sometimes lets jealously get the best of her

Is spiteful, even though she usually regrets it later

Truly strives to be a good friend

Writes to see how she really feels 

Bites her tongue in order to be a good listener

Puts ketchup on everything

Started drinking coffee because it seemed cool but now is addicted

Never gives up an opportunity to snuggle with her children

Always wishes she had more time

Takes one day at a time

What kind of girl are you?