Junk Food, Cars & Techies: My Super Bowl Commercial Must Sees

Remember that time someone invited football players to play tag before and after a Bruno Mars concert for fun? I thought it was so cute, didn't you? 

Seriously though. Last night, the tables were turned and the halftime show and commercials totally stole the spotlight  from whatever game was supposedly being played on the field. 

In tribute to Bruno's amazing halftime show, here's a sneak peak. If I were you, I'd YouTube the hell out of it. 

Here's a countdown of my favorite commercials with a couple honorable mentions thrown in. I thought they were all pretty fantastic! 

#5. Hyundai Genesis: Dad's Sixth Sense. It caught my attention right away!

#4. Microsoft: Techonology is Powerful. I got goosebumps so I knew this one had to be on the list.

#3. Volkswagon: Getting Your Wings. The bathroom scene? I die.

#2. Cheerios Negotiation: Why? It literally made me LOL and that just means something, you know?

And the number one, first place, belle of the ball commercial goes to....

#1.The Doritos Time Machine

Honorable Mention:

Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups: Because innuendos are my favorite!

Oikos Yogurt with the Men of Full House. Why? Because it's a little down right naughty and I like it!

So that's what I was doing while others were  watching a "football" game. I sure hope no one blames "Omaha"....

Happy Monday all! :)