Pit and Peak Time!

Sometimes I wish that Camel was talking about Friday instead of Wednesday because Friday is the day I really feel like yelling "GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS?!?" Wednesday, I'm usually just like "meh."  You ever get like that?

Anyhooters, TGIF!

It's time to talk about the Pits and the Peaks our week with good ol' Allie and Me! First things first, there are a million peaks to talk about, but pretty much, all I do is watch Mad Men these days. I can't help it. I want Don Draper in my life. I know he's kind of a dirt bag but it just can't be stopped. Also, Peggy would totally be my friend, I just know she would.

THEY NEVER STOP DRINKING AND SMOKING. As far as my pit goes, I can't say anything bad about this week, other than my kids have been with their dad and I miss them like crazy. I miss the toys around the house, the constant questions, the loud television...Tomorrow R1 has a wrestling tournament so I get to hang out with Miss Reese and cheer him on. Little boys in wrestling singlets is just about the cutest thing you can imagine. Happy Friday Friends, have a fantastical weekend!