Pits and Peaks of the Weeky!

It's here! 

Happy Friday! 
So this week went by SUPER SUPER fast! 
Here's the deal about this week: There just aren't any pits. I mean, sure I slept through most of Jimmy Fallon, but I can always catch the episodes online. I mean, I love the Olympics so much but I cannot keep my eyes open late enough to watch Jimmy and I want to so bad! That little smirk he does when he knows he is being funny? I DIE. 

Another pit is that I realized next week I am enrolling my baby in PRE SCHOOL. How did that happen and why is Father Time playing tricks on me? I know she is so ready and will do great but I just can't believe she is really going to be starting school!

Peaks: Well There's the fact that my job is AMAZING. Like truly, if you ask me how my new job is, I am most likely going to say "oh, you know, it's great" but really, on the inside I want to dance up and down and be completely obnoxious and braggy about how awesome it is. My level of creativity and interaction with more people nowadays absolutely astounds me. I don't know what happened to the girl who was rather unmotivated in her career, but that chick is gone, gone gone. 

Other peaks: Um, why didn't I think of this right away? I'm going on VACATION. That's right, VACATION. New Jersey and New York City here we come! I don't think I've traveled more that a 200 mile radius in the last 10 years, so to say that it's about damn time is the understatement of the century. I can't wait to visit my family out there and just get a way for a while! 

And now for your viewing pleasure, here are two more things that added to my peaky week: Jimmy Fallon and Jonah Hill's hashtag scene and the catchiest damn song you'll ever hear: "Happy" by Pharrell Williams: 

Miss Allie and I would love love love for you to share your Pits and Peaks with us and link up below!