Sunday Randomness

Are you ready just about the most random blog post ever? 

It's Sunday morning...R1 is sleeping on the couch next to me, snoring like a banchee and I'm just going to go ahead and call it now: I bet he'll be sick with respiratory crap by the end of the day or tomorrow. Whenever he gets upper respiratory problems, his voice changes. It's done that ever since he was little so it's a pretty good indication that he will be an unhappy little kiddo these next few days. Bring on the meds! 

My favorite thing to do on Sundays is to cuddle on the couch with a warm cup of whatever I can find. Today, it's Red Rose hot tea in Creme Caramel. 

I got my hands on a Influenster VoxBox this month and it was full of great stuff like the tea, John Frieda's Frizz Ease, Hershey kisses, a Botanics clay mask and falsies. I keep trying to come up with a place to go that will warrant wearing false eye lashes and can't come up with anything so there's a good chance I will just wear them around the house and feel pretty all by myself. The clay mask was amazing and I noticed an immediate smoothness in my face, I can't wait to use it again next week to see more of a difference! 

I also got my hands on some awesome Glade products, thanks to BzzAgent, including a new Glade Scented Oil Customizables and Wax Melts. The Customizable automatically switches between 2 scents throughout the day. I like it because they aren't too overwhelming and give off the perfect level of scent. 

Yesterday, I took the littles to the Lincoln Children's Museum. It was amazing. Four floors of totally interactive, interesting and educational activities for the kids. They played in water (plus they had blow dryers on the walls to dry up afterwards, genius!) They went grocery shopping, they drove ambulances, planes, firetrucks and tractors and crawled in a giant mole hole maze. It was fun to see them have fun and learn so much at the same time. PLUS, I met Brin and lil Dex there, which was great. I love that gal! 

Speaking of my kiddos, they NEVER.STOP.TALKING.

Sometimes they don't even talk, it's like they just have to be making noise. Yes it's annoying, especially when I hear "hey, mom" no less than 55,000 times a day. But there are times when they are asking great questions or saying really funny random things. Yesterday was one of those days, so I made a point to remember some of the stuff they said so that I could share. 

Ryder (while watching Space Buddies) asked these questions in rapid succession:

  • How many astronauts have walked on the moon?
  • How many people have been in outer space?
  • How many people have walked around the entire moon?
  • Mom did you know on the other side of the world it's actually day time?
  • Did you know that it takes an entire month for the moon to go around the world?
  • Mom, did you know a cat is faster than a dog because the pup can't catch the kitten. The cats have bigger legs and the dogs are fatter and are harder to pick up.

Reese:(Just random things she says while prancing around the living room)  

  • Did you know that snakes lay eggs? And did you know there are baby snakes in them most of the time? 
  • My underwear are freaking me out.
  • Reese: Can we have breakfast or something?
    • Me: What do you want?
    • Reese: I don't know, something juicy?

Never a dull moment around here, folks.