A Serving of Randomness

You know what's super ironic?

I have a night to myself, time to watch whatever I want on TV, time to blog my little heart out, time to read, time to practice calligraphy (new obsession alert!) and with all this time on my hands, all I want to do is lay down and couch potate.

But instead, I'll blog a little about what's been going on around here, a half-hearted "life lately" post if you will.

Let's see, lately I've been reading...

Fallen Women by Sandra Dallas (I gave up before I got half way through, not enough description. It did start off strong but then petered out.).

Now I've moved on to The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbrieth (aka JK Rowling). Sidenote: If you had the chance to be any male name ever, Robert Galbrieth is what you'd go with, really? What about something soap opera-cool, like Sloan Scott, you know? But whatever, he she wrote a great book so far so she can name herself whatever boring man name she wants.

Anyway the book. It's great so far. Lots of great character development. Murder, a sapphire engagement ring, a private investigator and a stylish, quirky main character with blonde hair. I'm sold, pretty much.

I'm also listening to A Mad, Wicked Folly on audio.

 It's read in a British accent so basically I don't care what the plot is about. No, jist kidding. It's set in the early 1900s about women's suffrage and high society and art. It's beautiful and I love it so far.

Other than that, life lately has been pretty good. Manfriend and I are having fun planning our trip to Philly, New Jersey and NYC at the end of the month. I've got my eye on some pretty awesome food trucks in the city and plus I get to witness my grandma in an airplane. It just doesn't get any better than that. And also it's an excuse for me to get a new pair of shoes. I'm thinking Converse or Toms. Or both, if my Fairy Godmother should appear and grant me all my wishes. 

Lately, I've been watching more TV. Have you watched Mixology on ABC yet? If it keeps it up, I think it's a contender for a great show. Which reminds me, I really want to catch up on episodes of Happy Endings because I have a feeling it's the next Big Bang, which I've never watched and I know I am totally late to the game but I still want to jump on that bandwagon.

Life lately has also been revolving around the Oscars. In my book, the greatness of the event can be summed up in pretty much just a couple of words. 1) Jared Leto, 2) Ellen's suits, 3) and this:

I'm also pretty much in love with Jimmy Fallon. 

Oh and this:

Oh! And my taxes are done. Something about getting a divorce, not making alot of money and suddenly being the head of household really makes the government my new best friend. In some ways anyway. I'm not complaining.

That's all folks. Have fun watching Scandal tonight, because you know that's what I'll be doing.