In celebration of the plane that is taking off in the morning at 5:55 a.m. WITH ME ON BOARD...
I decided to think about all the signs that it has clearly been too long since I've been on vacation. 

It's been almost exactly 11 years since I traveled somewhere outside a 200 mile radius. Sad I know. But tomorrow that changes when I pop my Philly cherry, fly to New Jersey and tourist-ly walk around New York City on Friday. 

Excited? You betcha. 

Here are signs that it's been too long since you've traveled: 

  • Your suitcase has flappy ears and wheels that look like paws

  • You are disappointed when you don't get a Wing pin.

  •  You can't wait to recite as many Bridesmaids quotes as possible while in the air

  • When you are at the airport you stop and stare when people have passionate reunion hugs.

  • When you think about going to the airport, all you do is hope you'll see passionate union hugs 

  •  You get excited about riding the escalators in the airport 

  • You secretly wish someone was going to be holding a sign with your name on it when you land

  • You feel the need to drink on the plane even if they cost $5 and are watered down. 

  • You seriously consider how to join the mile club 

  • You get excited waiting to see your luggage emerge and ride down the baggage claim 

  • You look up celebrity's "airport" fashion on Pinterest. 

And that's my list of things I've been doing for the past 2 weeks.   "how you know you haven't traveled in forever" list. 

Mostly I am just excited to leave the world behind just for a couple of days. No blogs, no obsessively checking Facebook for no good reason, (Although you are guaranteed some major action on  Instagram (jennijo13) and Snap Chat (jennijoho13). Obvi. 

Bon Voyage, Friends!