Pit & Peak

It's that time of the week! 
Currently, I am writing, windows open, sun shining, trees chirping. It's a beautiful day and I couldn't be happier. But let's be honest, I'm perkly mostly because it's Friday and I have no plans that require a real bra all weekend long.

So you know we do Pit&Peaks every Friday in these parts so let's get started shall we? (please blog along with Allie and me and link your own pit and peak posts below!)


My Facebook is really only there for me to share my own fun posts, pictures and funny things my kids say, plus to see what funny shenanigans my grandmother is posting (pictures of her with strippers from the 80s, selfies in bathroom mirrors, you know, the usual grandmother things). 

But I learned this week that it's being used for other reasons: for people to see what I am doing and report back to my ex-husband. Cute, huh? Last weekend, the kids and I went to a friends house because she was having a Mary Kay party. She has kids the same age as mine and invited us all over, so off we went. R1 played and R2 set next to me. We had a great time. So you can imagine how frusterating it was for me to get a phone call from their dad asking why I got babysitter when it was my week with my kids. ("Don't you get enough time away when it's not your time to have them?")

 So basically, someone saw 2 sentences about me being at a Mary Kay party on Facebook, ASSUMED that meant I wasn't with my kids and tattled to my ex. New flash, he DOESN'T want or need a report card about me. It took all self control I could muster not to either A) Delete my entire account or B) Post a tangent telling people where they could stick it. But because I don't want to stoop and because I have manners, I didn't. 

Why do people care? Is your own life so boring that you getting your jollies off by causing drama in other people's lives? I pity you. 

*lets out a deep breath, smiles and changes subject

On to the PEAK! 

Today, I had a parent-teacher conference with R1's teacher and I could not stop smiling afterwards. He's smart, he's got a big heart, he's reading at an advanced level and I am SO proud to be his mom. Then she basically repeated the script from all of my own parent-teacher conferences: self control is a challenge, talking gets out of hand, attention spans seems short. It was the 90s all over again. But hey, the apple doesn't fall far, right? All in all, I know that is typical behavior for a 6-year old and we will continue to work on. He's a rock start, that kid of mine! 

And also, my BBFF Mal is helping me give my blog a new look! 

Another peak: VACA IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS! Plus I have a new pair of Toms Ballet Flats to wear on the trip, which just adds to the overall awesomeness of it. 

So that's it, friends! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!