Vacation. I'm still exhausted from it. I loved every minute of it but I'm still exhausted.  Have you ever noticed that sometimes, with vacations, there's aways the good, the bad and the ugly? So it goes perfect with my Pit and Peak link up theme! It's the perfect way to sum up of the fun times we had during our trek east to visit my aunt and introduce my niece to the ocean while at the same time tell you about the major pits that occurred as well. (since now that it's all said it done we can all laugh about my ear drum rupturing on the Jersey Turnpike). Ha. Ha.  

The Peak: I love seeing how small I can make a shirt by rolling it up in a tiny little ball. I love planning my outfits and exceeding the limits of what it looks like my suitcase can hold. 

The Pit: Having nothing to wear once I get to my aunt's house even though my suitcase it splitting at the seams. AND  Forgetting to pack enough underwear. (not saying it happened to me, just saying I'd assume it wouldn't be comfortable).


The Peak: Diet Coke on the flight. I don't know why but it just tastes better at 29,000 feet.

The Pit: High Altitude on my ear drums. Epic fail. 
Googling "how to pop your ears after a flight" and rupturing your own eardrum WHILE ON THE JERSEY TURNPIKE and having a complete pain/anxiety meltdown because of the sheer pain ripping through your ears.

The even BIGGER PIT: Spending one afternoon of vacation in urgent care trying to save yourself from the pain raging inside our ear and regaining proper hearing.

The REALLY NICE PEAK: Dating a Pharmacist who knows how to take care of you and your ear!


The Peak: Traveling with Manfriend. He's a pretty good travel companion and by the end of our day in NYC, he had those subway maps memorized. He never complained once, even when dragged into a Coach outlet, where he adorable asked what made the wallets so special and more expensive. "Do they have more compartments or something?" (adorbs) 

The Pit: Trying to find a nice public bathroom in NYC. Little tip: Duck inside a Starbucks, buy a caramel machiatto and step in line, because that's your best bet in finding a bathroom that won't scar you for life.

The Pittier: The looks we got when Manfriend's backpack bumped into a lady on the subway. Evil Eyes MaGee, we called her. Also, I was DIS CLOSE to meeting one of my favorite bloggers, Steph @ Insert Classy Here. But she did give us an awesome recommendation to check out an Irish Pub for dinner which we did and it was AWESOME! 

Peaks in Pics: 

Staying in the Westin right in the middle of Times Square

Seeing all of the Love Locks on the Brooklyn Bridge
(that's a whole separate blog post coming soon!) 

Just the Brooklyn Bridge in general. We walked across, grabbed some pizza at Juliana's and came back. By far the highlight of our day. 

More locks. :) 


 The Peak: Taking in the historic sights and amazing food. We even mailed home a postcard from the first United States Post Office. Also, I'm pretty sure Ben Franklin and I would have courted back in the day. 

Another Peak: We scarfed down famous cheese steaks at Sonny's. 

The only ugly part I can think of about Sonny's is that I couldn't have 10 more sandwiches 

The Pit: Missing another blate with another Step _  Steph @Life According To Steph. Yeah yeah yeah I tried to steal her away while she was at work but I was still sad we couldn't meet up, we were DIS close!  Another pit is that we just didn't have more time. I simply loved Philly and I'm pretty sure I would have dated Ben Franklin back in the day.


The Peak: Spending time with my amazing family and capturing moments like these:

Introducing the ocean to little Lucy Wynn 

Goofing off on the shore 

And a quick kiss as well... 

The only real pit of the whole vacation was being away from the Rs, but the goodness of reuniting with them made up for it! 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!