Pits and Peaks Link Up

Happy Friday!

For every bloggyone out there, this is a great way to share with us the Pits (lows) and Peaks (highs) of your week! Allie and I are basically just lazy bones on Fridays and our creative brains are MEH so we like a little prompt to get our creative brains moving! 

Peaks this week! 
There are 50 plastic eggs hiding in my closet that are stuffed with candy, ready to be hid and found on Sunday! 

There is AN AMAZING book being devoured by yours truly right now (May We Be Forgiven AM Homes) 

There is SUNSHINE in the midwest finally! 

I have had a gel manicure that's lasted almost 2 weeks without a chip in sight (little victories, people!) 

I also started on this amazing journey this week: 

And I am beyond excited! 

My phone is a piece of crap and the phone company in town ROYALLY screws people over. I'm in cell phone Hades  until NEXT MAY unless I pay an arm and a leg to get out of a contract. 

The whine monster must have gotten a hold of the Rs this week  because O MY GAWD they have been crying, whining and mopey all week. Which translates to a lot of game playing on the LeapPad and Kindle but at this point I just don't care. If that makes me a bad mom, just call me Kate Gosselin. 

Now that I have binged watched all of Mad Men and season 7 started, I actually have to wait to see each episode and I'm not a fan of it! It's amazing what on demand Netflix can do to my patience! 

And that's all she wrote, folks. This weekend, there will be a lot of pastel candy, enjoying the sunshine and reading/writing for me when the Rs finally conk out! 

Have a glorious weekend!