Plunge for Baby Landon: A Community Comes Together

There's something really amazing going on in my hometown right now.

They are all freezing their butts off because they are jumping in frozen farm ponds all over the state (and beyond) in honor of a little boy named Landon.

Landon is 5 months old and has cancer. 

And something amazing happened. People started taking off their clothes and "plunging" to raise money for his medical bills and for the trips his parents are taking back and forth between their home and the children's hospital.

Someone made a video and challenged their friends to jump into freezing water. For every person who took the challenge, they would donate money to Landon's family. And the plunges just kept coming.

Since March 30, over $60,000 has been raised and the Plunge For Landon Facebook page where people are posting their plunge videos has over 18,000 members. and I couldn't be more proud of my community.

We started plunging and then pretty soon, our Senator was jumping, fulling clothed in his suit, in to the Potomac in Washington, DC, the local sports teams, school faculties and everyone from age 3 months to 80 is taking a dip too.

This week, my kids and I all took the plunge for baby Landon. I jumped into a farm pond, Ryder took a dip in a fishing pond and we found a hot tub for Reese. (she didn't know why we all thought it was so cold!) and they had so many questions about why we were going swimming and who baby Landon is. It opened a great conversation with them about doing good things for others.

I just wanted to share this amazing story with you. What started out as a tiny community showing support for a little baby has not only raised a lot of money for his family but it's gone so far beyond that. I was in a meeting with complete strangers an hour away from home and 3 people I had never met were talking about their plunges. It's reached so many more hearts than anyone ever imagined. 

I feel like this circle of support and compassion has been cast around our community and it is so encouraging. 

It takes a village to raise a child. 

It takes a freezing cold farm pond in the middle of no where to bring people together who would have otherwise never crossed paths.

 It takes talking to your children about cancer for the first time to really realize that anything can happen. 

It takes freezing cold water to give you this rush that what may seem like a small act is actually a movement that means so much more.

 A movement of support, compassion, understanding and friendship. 

It takes a little baby boy to bring a whole world of people together and who can deny how special that is? 

Thank you for everyone who has taken this amazing challenge and for anyone who wants to learn more, visit the Plunge for Landon facebook page.

I officially challenge all of my blogging friends to take the Challenge. I know you are everywhere out there, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Philly, NYC, Florida, Wisconsin. Let's spread the Landon Love! Post your videos to Plunge for Landon and tag me in it as your challenger! For any blogger who plunges, I will donate $10 to the cause!