Please Don't Watch While I...Things I'm Insecure About

Yesterday I wrote a sad little post about how my son wrote a crappy thing in a mother's day card and it made me cry. Today, I am feeling better about the whole thing...last night, we played Legos, ate a Happy Meal and made pinky promises to work on our yelling and following directions. 

 Not to mention, the comments from every one who read the post helped me so much, especially from moms who have totally been where I've was! One of the comments made me cry so I wanted to share it with you guys because it was so special. It was from the mom of one of Ryder's classmates: 

"You are a wonderful mommy from what I have seen and what my son has shared with me and what Ryder has said about you, like "Mom, Ryder's mom's lets him do superhero things, why can't I?"

And that my friends, is why is it so important valuable to reach out and support each other. It is so so worth it, the love and kudos we can give to each other helps so much! 

So to celebrate, I thought I would lighten things up a bit around here and share more things I am insecure about, just in case airing out all my "bad mom" dirty laundry wasn't fun enough, I guess. 

So here you have it: 

Things I am insecure about...

The fact that I have to tweeze...ALOT. Why are these hairs every where and HOW do they grow so fast?!

What people think of my plate when I walk away from a buffet 

Whether or not I am talking too much or if the story I am telling is even making sense.

Blowing my nose in front of people.

The sound of me peeing in public bathrooms.

If I going to have time to adjust my shirt and cami when I get out of the car. 

Cussing on Facebook even though I talk like a sailor in person.

Doing butterfly crunches and spider planks with other people around.

The way my boobs bounce when I run (triple sports bra, anyone?) 

Whether or not my kids are well behaved in the grocery store. 

If my tinted Jergens lotion is doing its job or if my secret is out.

People knowing I still watch Teen Mom, Honey Boo Boo, Dance Moms or any play-on-words show by Tori Spelling. 

So there they are! 

What are you insecure about??