Stick Em Up! A Fun Way to Work Out

Just wanted to share something that has me doing cart wheels lately! 

No literally, guys. I can do cartwheels. And hand stands. 

And it's all because my arms and legs are stronger then ever because about 3 weeks ago, my gal pal Tisha invited me to do a work out with her. She wrote a bunch of short work outs on Popsicle sticks and drew them one at a time for a great workout with lots of variation, strength conditioning and fun! 

I wanted to share it will you all because it really is a fun, simple way to workout. We mix it up by doing a lot of the work outs with 5 or 10 lb weights, or adding in sticks that say to add 10 more reps or heavier weights. We usually walk a lap on the track before and after to warm up and then add in a "killer" stick just to make it hurt. Those include Around the World Planks (planking while holding each arm and leg up for 10 seconds at a time, while doing a regular plank for 10 second in between) or Holding Crunches, where you hold a sit up for 5 seconds before going down for one count and back up again, 15 times. Yeah. Ouch. 

When we first started, just the sound of a wall sit hurt my body. Tonight, I tackled a 1 minute, followed right after with a 2 minute wall sit. Feel the burn, baby! 

I feel stronger. I tend to hate measuring and weighing, so right now I am just enjoying feeling stronger! And when you get a fun group of women together, you laugh, encourage each other and tell funny stories in between sticks, so it feels like fun, not a workout!

 Here is an example of a typical night's worth of sticks: 

We also listen to an AWESOME "80s Workout" Playlist on Pandora, so you should too! 

Happy Thursday!