2004 Hollers Back: What I Learned at my High School Class Reunion

One of the most incredible things about life is that it goes on. But this weekend I learned that there is a bittersweet side that goes along with that.I guess high school reunions have a way of really making you realize how fast times flies.

Ten years ago, I graduated from high school and after the most amazing summer of my life, left most of my friends, some of which I had seen practically every day for my entire childhood, and packed up for college. I never went back.

Why? Life I guess. I went to college, met a guy that took up entirely too much of my time and then life came in a tidal wave and took me away. (if tidal waves come in the form of a 7lb 4oz newborn with a head full of dark hair).

I am so glad I when back 10 years later.

The guy who was super creepy back then in still creepy. But now he slicks his hair back and looks like Steve Buscemi. 

The people who were super nice are even more sweet as adults. 

Shy guys ALWAYS win. 

People grow up and will amaze the shit out of you. The hot surfer-looking dude? He'll turn out to be a business analyst for fast-forward medical innovations for a university medical school. (Whatever that means) Which is ironic because a) he wore his hair like a surfer and we lived in Nebraksa and b) I never remember seeing him with a book in his hand (probably because we were too busy making out to Jukebox Hero)

I will never forgive the 17 year-old me for thinking she was fat and wearing sweatshirts all the time. I was cute back then and all I ever saw was big shoulders and tiny little pouch I would KILL for these days. 

Retelling stories of the time you planned a mock kidnapping will never get old. 

You should always visit the places that made you the most happy. It's all part of the reunion experience

1. The "senior hallway" at KHS, where I felt so big and tall all those years ago. 2. Luke & Jake's BBQ in Kearney, NE. Stuffed baked potato with BBQ pork? You betcha I went back! 3. Beautiful Harmon Park. 

The feeling you get when you are around people who've known you forever never goes away, even if it's been a decade.

Your best friend's parents' house will always feel like home. 

Your charming best guy friend who could always make you laugh is still the same and you love him even more for it. 

When you are meant to be friends with those certain people, years of staying out of touch can disappear in an instant. 

I almost didn't go to the reunion because I kept thinking people would have forgotten who I was. In a class of over 300, I was just a number, and after being off the map for a decade, I thought the chances of people remembering me would be slim. But the moment I was around my old friends, I felt like no time had passed. The same smiles, humor, stories and creepiness that where there when I left were all still there and I loved every minute of it. 

10 years just makes you cooler.