Hey guys! 

That's me. 
That's a plank. (At least I think it is.)
That's me, PLANKING. 
People, that's a pretty big deal.
The first time my pal Tisha told me she was going to help me whip my butt into shape, I begrudgingly agreed and I complained the entire first week of our work outs. 

And 4 weeks later I am so glad I let Tisha drag me along. 
Like I've said before, I hate weighing and I don't measure. I just enjoy that I feel stronger, I can do cartwheels in the yard with R2. Plus, when I want to go for a bike ride, long walk or run, I am strong enough to go without feeling like I am about to keel over. 

Last night we really pushed it after taking a week off for the holiday weekend. We've also added an extra work out before we do our 30 sticks. (You can see an example of our stick workouts here.)

We pick one of these two work outs and do them at the beginning and the end of the sticks. 

So now that I've got to the point where I don't absolutely HATE working out, I noticed that most headbands that I was using weren't doing a good enough job. I kept having to readjust my headbands. And bobby pins just don't cut it when you are jumping around like a maniac. 

One evening my girlfriends and I got together and one of them was wearing a super cute headband and said she just got done running. I was shocked because I thought it was a fashion statement but it was actually a workout band. I knew I HAD to have one, especially when she told me that the BE BOLDER band doesn't ever move. 

I have super sleek and straight hair. Nothing ever stays in place, so I had to try them out.


This sucker doesn't budge. It keeps my layered hair at bay and never slips. 
Another perk is that it's lightweight and not too tight. Most of the headbands I try that DO stay put are so tight they give me a headache. 

So Guess what? 

I am giving away a free Bolder Band to one lucky winner! 

All you have to do is check out the awesome colors and patterns on their website, tell me your favorite pattern in the comments and follow Bolder Bands and I on social media. I'll announce the winner on Friday! 

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