Lessons I Learned This Weekend


1. Being responsible for more than 2 kids at a time is nearly impossible. I almost lost one of the kids while I was watching my niece. R2 escaped from the pool at one point. I always hated seeing babies on leashes at theme parks and flea markets. But now, I totally get them. 

2. I learned that no matter what, kids in swimsuits are the cutest thing to ever happen. Ever. 

3. Selfies (and any pictures) with kids are nearly impossible. 

4. Cute hats make pool hair look cool. 

5. When given the opportunity, always connect with bloggers in real life. This weekend, I had the best time going to Omaha and hearing Taylor Wolfe from The Daily Tay do stand up at the Funny Bone. She's just as charismatic and funny in person (and on stage!) as you image she would be from her blog. She was a huge hit! 

6. NEVER forget to document said meeting with your favorite blogger! What were we thinking? #majorblogfail 

7. Kona Grill is my new favorite place on earth. 

8. Staying close to friends who have known you since middle school is always a great idea. Especially when both of your significant others get along great and you spend entire dinner dates laughing and telling stories. 

9. When your little girl asks if she can change her name, say yes. You'll love what she comes up with. R2 now goes by the name "Sailor Moon." She even has her own theme song we've been singing alllll weekend long :) 

"Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon"
She's so sweet you'd eat her with a spoon
Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon,
You love her in the morning and in the afternoon..." 

10. When the pool opens up for the summer, suck up your insecurities about bathing suits and get in the damn water with your kids. Wear a cute hat and enjoy it. No one will remember that you aren't a size 4 in a bikini. They'll remember that you were having a blast, laughing and splashing with your kids in the beautiful sunshine. 

What did you learn this weekend?