What Love Is Like For Me

Feeling the sun shine on your face after a week of clouds...that's what love is like.

Finally getting to drop your heavy grocery bags after a long haul up steep stairs...that's what love is like. 

Finding that cool spot in the bed...that's what love is like. 

Hearing the perfect song that says all the words that have already been playing in your mind...that's what love is like.

Getting all the lyrics right while lip syncing your favorite song......that's what love is like.

Reading a book that perfectly says the feelings you've had inside but never knew how to form into words...that's what love is like.

Tasting a spoonful of satisfaction when you didn't even realize how starved you were...that's what love is like.

Laughing so hard your stomach hurts and your cheeks cramp...that's what love is like.

Doing something for another person and never considering what they could do to repay you...that's what love is like.

Finally finding the "You Are Here" on a map after searching and searching...that's what love is like. 

Walking down a road you finally recognize after being lost for hours...that's what love is like. 

Being wrapped in a warm blanket ...that's what love is like. 

Waking up with a clean slate everyday...that's what love is like. 

What Is Love Like For You?