A Thank You Letter to my Daughter on her 4th Birthday

This is a
Thank You to my daughter, 
who turns 4 years old today... 

Dear Reese Josephine....

Thank you for teaching me how to love singing, even though I am terrible at it. 

Thank you for showing me how fun it can be to make fashion statements. Polka dots with stripes and leggings with socks? Sounds good! 

Thank you for telling me I'm beautiful, especially on days when I feel anything but. 

Thank you for being so outgoing and asking every new person you meet their name and birthday. You're right, you never know when that might come in handy. 

Thank you for picking me flowers and seeing the beauty in dandelions. 

Thank you for showing me how baths can really be like a mini spa vacation if you use enough bubbles.

And I'll always be thankful for the way you ask "What's wong" if I ever look sad. 

Thank you for coming into my life just as when I needed that extra boost of happiness.

Thank you for being the best, easiest infant. I would give ten thousand moons to go back in time to have your tiny little fingers  wrapped around my pinky and nurse you in your rocking chair as you fell asleep. 

Thank you for letting me brush your hair and tell you how beautiful you are over and over again. 

Thank you for making everyone around you smile with your funny little voice.

Thank you for dancing, not just simply walking, where ever you go. 

Thank you for teaching me patience. Because now I know, after saying "hey, Mom. Mom. Moooommmmmm!" and I don't answer right away, you're simply going to say "I love you!"

Thank you for never ceasing to just be yourself.

Thank you for being passionate. The year and a half that you were "Rapunzel" was intense...a lot of braiding your hair and convincing you to wear shoes and getting looks from people in stores because you were wearing a dress-up gown, but looking back on it, I was so proud of you. You loved Rapunzel and wanted to be her, so gosh darn it, you did it. 

Thank you for always being so excited to see me. I feel the same exact way, kid. 

Thank you for showing us all what unconditional love is. Never wavering, never doubting, over and over again love. 

Thank you for starting each day with a clean slate and a great attitude. Even when you go to sleep after a rough day, I hear you get up the next morning, your tiny feet racing across the room, and you fling open your door, happy as can be to start your new day. 

Thank you for always remembering to tell me about your dreams. 

Thank you for giving me a way to see the world from an entirely new vantage point. Everything is more intriguing, more impressive, there's more room to play, more reasons to laugh, more ways to be creative and more ways to enjoy the things that make us happy. 

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful girl in my world. I love you so much, Reeser. Happy 4th year of being an amazing little girl.