Happy Birthday Page Girls!

Wake up, everyone! It's Monday and it's time to celebrate!  I wanted to introduce you to amazing website called The Page Girls.One day, this website popped up and SNAP - just like that, I'd found my new best friend. The site produces weekly e-magazines with everything from cocktail recipes to book reviews. Now if you don't see why I am obsessed with The Page Girls, then we obviously can't be friends. It's all my favorite things wrapped in to one. 

The Page Girls is Cecily Gates, April Jane, India Lee, Emily Poule, and Jasmine Tru. Five friends obsessed with romance novels, fancy cocktails, and more than anything, friendship. Learn more about The Page Girls here.

The Page Girls was formed to organize these thoughts and stories to share with each other and their readers as well.  Every Sunday evening, a new issue is released with essays, short stories, cocktail recipes, interviews, and more - each with its own new theme.  In the spirit of sharing, readers are invited you to be a part of The Page Girls by telling your stories, submitting your own books for review, or asking some questions that you'd like to see five opinionated girls answer.
How awesome is all this? I love that The Page Girls have created basically a girl's night out: Cocktails PLUS the comfort of having fellow women to talk to about anything from relationship questions to book talks about steamy romance novels. 

I can't pick a favorite part of the website, because HELLO, alcohol. But it certainly has to be the stories. Go read 

The Secrets We Keep: "Folders, Master-Plans and Locked Suitcases." 

 I read 9 Secrets Kept/Revealed From Fiction and Real Life and was instantly in love with the reviews and discussion about secrets in some of my favorite books and movies. Any website that combines The Fault in Our Stars, Orange is the New Black AND Emily Giffin is a website that I pretty much just want to live in forever.

 And did I mention the cocktails? Here's my favorite so far: 

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For The Page Girl's Birthday Celebration, they are doing giveaways all week long! 

You can enter the giveaway each day here! I can't wait to hear about what your favorite parts of the website are! Go take a gander and share with me what you love! 

Happy Birthday Page Girls!