Reese's Frozen Birthday Party: The PEAK of Our Summer!

Once upon a time there was a little girl whose mommy wanted to make her daughter feel really special on her birthday.

The little princess wanted an "Olaf Birfday" party, so  her mommy tried really hard to create a Frozen birthday party with all her friends that she would never forget! 

(Hint: I am the momin this story and this is how I created a Frozen pool party for Reese's 4th Birthday :) 

I started with what many moms around the world start: 
 a Pinterest Board: 

Then I searched my house for anything and everything that could be used to make fun "Frozen" type stuff! I found a snow cone machine a friend of mine had given me last summer...


Coupled with some super cute SnoCone cups, straws and blue syrup...these were a perfect Frozen treat for the party! 

I have to honestly say that the highlight of the party had to be the "Olaf" Cake

I found the main recipe here. I modified it because I wanted more cake layers  so I used 2 box mixes and made 4 layers and then had to make double the frosting as well. I used NEON food dye to create the really fun colors of the cakes.

The REAL secret was given to me by my go-to baker friend, Kari. She told me to freeze the cakes right after baking, so I literally took each cake right from the oven to the freezer overnight, then covered them in a crumb coat, layered them and froze it again before frosting it for good right before the party. Then, I made the image of Olaf by printing the picture, cutting it, mounting it to scrapbook paper and taping it to a straw, popped on some ribbon and added some punch outs of snowflakes and Voila! Oh, and the pretty blue and purple pearls? 
SIXLETS! I know right?! Found them in the cake isle at Walmart! 

Another major hit of the party was the marshmallow station. I put out bowls of different sized marshmallows, tooth picks and these edible markers.
The kids had a blast building their own mallow Olafs! 

Perfect Blue Punch Recipe:
1 Gallon Berry Blue Typhoon Hawaiian Punch 
Large can of pineapple juice
2 Liter Bottle of Diet 7 Up 

I also made jello cubes that looked like ice, from this recipe but they were gobbled up so fast, I didn't get a picture! 

If I had to pick a PEAK of my summer so far it would definitely be this party! I have always loved throwing my kids fun parties and I look forward to whatever theme they come up with next! I cheeks hurt after the party from smiling so many kids were having fun, Reese was on cloud nine...what more can you ask for? 

Speaking of Peaks,thanks to Katherine at Him&Me (But Mostly Me)  who inspired me to bring it back, 
 I am going to jumpstart a weekend Pit&Peak Link Up, so if you have pits and peaks of your summer or week to share, I would love love love to hear about them, so share your posts in the link up!  

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