Two Broke Arms: How Our Summer Changed With Just One Fall

For the most part, the summer has been amazing. And then something happened. 

It involved a fight between R1 and the playground. Let's just say the playground won. 

At first we thought it was just one arm. Once we got to the pediatric orthopedic office, they dropped this bomb on us: 

Yes, that's two casts. He can't just do anything half ass, not this kid. He shattered his growth plate and has 4 fractures in his right wrist and a small fracture in the left wrist as well. Luckily no surgery was needed (yet). We go back in one week to take more Xrays to see if they are healing okay.  He was such a trooper. He was making jokes with the nurses as they put on the casts. I'm pretty sure he was hitting on the cute brunette one. 

What are we going to do the rest of the summer you ask? That's the million dollar question. We've been adjusting well. And I'll admit, I can't decide who is more disappointed that we can't go to the pool anymore. But I'll give you a hint: My tan is suffering and I'm not thrilled about it. So far, we've done a bit more game playing, app downloading and movie watching. 

Oh, and eating watermelon with straws, because #nohands  

R1 has mastered Legos again, although getting ready in the morning is a whole new ballgame again. Like any normal morning, yesterday I opened his bedroom door and threw his clothes for the day inside. I came back 10 minutes later to tell him to hurry up and he was just standing there naked looking at his underwear as if it were Mount Everest. I felt so so bad. This whole experience has made us slowwww down a bit more and become a team again. And I can't say I hate that part. 

So right now, this is us 

It's a slower pace for sure but my kids are happy. And what a lesson that is. R1's life has changed so much in the last couple of days. His independent, adventurous, boisterous side has had to take the back seat because of his injury but that hasn't changed his spirit or humor at all. How many of us grown ups can say we'd just roll with the punches that easily? 

Lesson learned, kid. Loud and clear.