Reading...This: Everything I Never Told You by  Celeste Ng. It's a mystery about a Chinese American family and their daughter who disappears. I've been on a murder mystery bender so after this one, I'll need a perkier story line! 

Watching...nothing right if you have any suggestions on what should be my next binge worthy Netflix show, please let me know! I'm thinking maybe Dexter? 

Drinking...juice. We bought a NutriBullet and have  been making juice for breakfast and lunch. I actually like it alot. Working away from home means fast food (hard to resist) or actually having time in the morning to remember to pack a lunch (never going to happen). Instead, I just cram spinach, flaxseed and a couple fruits (my favorite combo is peaches and bananas)  into the juicer and take it with me. I never feel hungry and instead feel energized.

Saying..."I just fed you!" My children are apparently going through growth spurts, especially R1. He's a manchild. I can't keep enough cheese, yogurt and cereal in this place. They have some funny requests too. Last night, R2 requested fried rice and tonight, R1 picked Egg Salad Sandwiches. It's like feeding my own little small village, they eat so much! Here's the super easy recipe I use for R2's cravings for fried rice. It's great because they love the veggies and get protein from the eggs, which they don't even notice. 

Studying...math again apparently. I seriously have a fear that R1's math homework is going to stump me one of these days. It may be only first grade, but I pretty much chose my journalism major because it didn't require much college level math. Kidding. But seriously. I'll have to call for back up by the time he starts long division. an audiobook so fun to listen to that I am making up excuses to drive around in my car so I can hear what happens next...and that's on top of my one-way hour commute! Emily Giffin is always a favorite of mine so I didn't even read the description. I just knew I'd read her newest book. It's a fun story about a 30-something single girl with an extreme love and loyalty to her hometown college football team. There are steamy scenes, fun characters and I always love anything Texas!  Speaking of books, does anyone out there take advantage of Kindle Unlimited? It's a $9.99 monthly fee that gives you unlimited free books e-books on Amazon...only it looks like the selection of books is pretty limited and not new releases. If you have recommendations about it, let me know! 

Lusting After... These TOMS. I pretty much dream about them, can you blame me? 

Pinning...FALL everything. Boots, flannel cardigans, boots (Can someone tell me, which are in style now, ankle or riding? Well I want them both, no matter what.) And Fall decor, scents and colors to add to my living room. Especially fall colors to add to my throw pillows. Wall Decor, wreaths...just everything autumn is what I need right now. Like this: 

So tell me, what are you currently reading, eating, saying, listening to, lusting after?