Happily Ever Eloped...Our Wedding Day

Once upon a time there was a woman and a man who really just wanted to be together. No big bells and whistles needed, just eachother, their beautiful children and the beginning of a new life and a happy family.

So they decided to play a little trick. They sent out invitations to their loved ones to an "Engagement Party"

Then escaped for the day to the Kansas City Public Library, where they said their vows and happily toasted to ever after.

Meanwhile, their friends and family gathered at a winery, where they found beautiful flowers, stacks of books, the couple's favorite quotes and lots and lots of wine. 

And just when they thought the "engaged couple" was late for the party, they watched a "slideshow" of photos and found out this was much more than just an engagement party: 

It was a wedding reception. 

And this is how happy we are were:

And we're feeling pretty good about it.