What Makes Me Happy

What makes me happy? It seems like a simple question, but I guess I am lucky to have discovered that there are many many little ways to make me smile. 

First and foremost, my kiddos.

More specifically:

The way Reese rolls her eyes when I can understand her because of her speech pwobwem.
The way Ryder's eyes light up when he's describing his latest Lego invention (a submarine/lawn mower, perhaps).
The way my one goofy grin can make them giggle, now matter what.
The way the top of their heads smell after being warmed from the sun.
The way Reese looks like in a ballet leotard. 

The way my freckles appear on their noses.
They way they constantly search for information about everything: why the moon appears in the daylight, why they have to go to bed, why I tell them to talk to their stuffed animals at bedtime when "don't I know that they are just stuffed with stuffing and can't talk back?"
Watching them discover new things, like the thrill of picking fruits and eating them, right from the tree or their faces when we

Other things that make me happy & brighten my day:


Velveeta Shells and Cheese
Chips and salsa
Peanut Butter M&Ms
Endless access to ketchup...and the freeing feeling of not being ashamed that I love ketchup so much.
Moscato on ice. 
Speaking of Manfriend, pretty much anything h does makes me happy. When he's not busy spilling my wine.

Complete silence so I can read uninterrupted

Reading books that are going to become huge hits before anyone else discovers how great they are or become movies. So I can say "Called it!"

Discovering quotes, poems and scripture that speak to me, heal my soul or calm my nerves.
Anthropologie. Paper Source. Target (alone, with Starbucks in hand)
Fall scented everything.
Skinny Caramel Machiato lattes, piping hot.
Morning Express with Robin 
Playing games with my kids on the Ipad. 
19 Kids in Counting. 
Studying Spelling Words
Random Acts of Kindess (giving and receiving)

My family, my kids, being a mom. Bringing smiles.

It's all pretty easy stuff, am I right?