Blogtober: 10 Lessons and a Fall Bucket List

The Daily Tay

Today's Prompt: 

10 Things I'd Tell Myself When I First Started Blogging 

1. Be confident in what you write. 

2. Take more pictures, no one likes a too-texty post.

3. Never be afraid to make up new words. Like too-texty. 

4. Share. Don't be afraid. The blogs that you bare your heart and share what's really going on behind the scenes are the posts that connect you most with others. 

5. Don't be so paranoid that people "IRL" are reading your blog. It's still a part of you. Anyone who really likes you in person will also love your blog. And if they don't, who really cares? 

6. Connect. Respond to comments as much as you can. Follow up with other bloggers and make sure they know that you are inspired by and look up to them. Bloggers are the most creative people you will ever meet, so meet as many as possible. 

7. Don't forget about Twitter. Use it, love it and favorite whatever your heart desires. 

8. Edit. For the love of pete, you are a grammar whore, why do you let so many typos slip past you? Before you post, edit! 

9. Be prepared to spend more money than you ever would have without blogworld. They will suck you in with their diy scarf projects, their jewelry, their sneakers. You will see them and you will instantly need them. Start saving now. 

10. Use GIFS as much as possible. Preferably ones with Jennifer Lawrence or Tina Fey, obviously. 

Speaking of being a great blogger, I should also remind myself that if I say I am going to do a month's worth of prompts for Blogtober, then I better get off my butt and actually write posts! I missed yesterday's theme so here it goes today...My Fall Bucket List:

1. Burn Pumpkin Buttercream candles everyday
2. Leave the windows open at night. 
3. Make beer bread and give out as gifts. (stay out of the beer long enough to actually cook with it). 
4. Play in the leaves with the kiddos. 
5. Find the perfect pair of boots. 
6. Make Halloween costumes. (If you know how to make a Lego guy head, holler at me!) 
7. Actually make one of these instead of just Pinning pictures of them: 

8. Buy mother daughter leggings for R2 and me. 
9. Play football with R1. 
10. Make chili at least once. (Because, Amercuh).

What is on your Fall Bucket List?