Blogtober14: My Favorite Quotes

Helene in Between Blogtober

My lack of blogging is totally justified this week I promise. First off, we are experiencing the most beautiful Fall weather and so we've been outside playing soccer and football or going on a jog. You just can't beat this cooler weather!

And then there's a little thing called THE ROYALS ARE DOMINATING.
Today they could seal their ticket to the WORLD SERIES.
So yeah, we've been busy watching, tweeting, cheering and doing the wave in our living room as we watch in awe as our team sweeps the Orioles again and again.

#beroyal #erichosmerforlife

But if you get me on the subject of Eric Hosmer, the point of this post will be lost on me so let's stay focused, shall we? I'm back on the Blogtober link up track with Helene and Taylor. Today, we're sharing our favorite quotes and why we love them. 

As if I could possibly choose. But I'll give it a try. 

For now, it has to be this quote I found on Pinterest earlier this year because it really is what I've been trying to do for a while now. And so far, I think it's working. 

And I could not seriously talk about my favorite quotes without sharing something from Brian Andreas. He is the author of the Story People and I've loved him since discovering the tiny bright books in the student union book store my freshmen year. I opened the first page and instantly sat down in the middle of the aisle to read it. (Eventually I realized people were starring so I bought the book and finished devouring it in my dorm.)

This is my favorite quote from Brian simply because it is a great reminder to SLOW DOWN in life and stop trying so hard. I find it most helpful in motherhood because sometimes I try to put everything square into square holes...and most of the time that's just not how life works. Remembering this helps me roll with the punches a bit more.

What is your favorite quote?