Blogtober14: Things I'm An Expert At

Helene in Between Blogtober

I couldn't resist today's prompt from Helene and Taylor:

Things I am an expert at....

Losing my cellphone, wallet, jewelry...basically anything. 

Buying birthday cards and never sending them (because stamps are hard to find and the post office has such inconvenient hours)

Leaving my car a mess (but there is just never enough time to clean it plus I always forget to bring a trash bag into the car to collect everything)

Finding an excuse for everything 

Finding time to watch whatever  show I am currently binge watching (shout out to HBO Girls!) 

Taylor Swift Lyrics 

Forgetting to tweeze my eyebrows until I see them in the rear view mirror in my car (with no tweezers in sight)

Drinking a Salted Caramel Mocha in record time while expertly navigating my red cart through the aisles at Target. 

Being bitchy at least once a month (I have impeccable timing)

Detecting even the smallest, minute piece of cucumber in my food (that stuff MUST go) 

Online browsing ( I must be an expert at something that takes up so much of my time)

Shutting out the world so I can read 

Thinking of witty comebacks (5 hours after the fact)

Messing up my nails 

Burning quesadillas 

Using the perfect amount of ketchup

Not following recipes 

Loving Blake Shelton 

Wishing I was Miranda Lambert

And there's a whole other list of completely useless things that I am an expert at... but I will save you the time. 

I think I am actually only really an expert and just a couple of key things: 

And that's good enough for me!