Things I Learned About Watching The Royals

I wouldn't be what you'd call a die hard sports fan.

I think it's because I sucked at hurdles in eighth grade track. And barely made the "c" team in volleyball...and I'm pretty sure I was just a mascot on the freshman basketball ball but they just didn't tell me and let me sit on the bench.

However, as I've gotten older I've really become aware of the camaraderie that comes with being a loyal sports fan.

I live in Missouri. We aren't exactly the "A" team in sports if you didn't know. Sure there's the Cardinals. But I hate the color red.

Early this year there was stirring in Kansas City and finally, people started paying attention to some boys wearing blue.

My family has been Royals fans for years. I remember going to games in the early 90s with my baby doll. I remember the cheer of the crowd and the beautiful blue everywhere.I remember looking at the posters in my aunt's room of George Brett and thinking how amazing it was that she got to meet the amazing baseball player in the late 80s.

We've been to more games and I've always loved the atmosphere.

And now I'm sitting in my living room watching them kick butt in Game 6 of the World Series and thinking, this is so BIG.

There are so many HAPPY people because of this. Like I said, I don't know much about sports but what I do know, I've learned from watching the KC Royals come from a place of "loss" to totally KICKING stereotypes in the butt and proving that ANYTHING can happen and that just because things aren't going up up up all the time doesn't mean you should stop paying attention.

If I had to pick a sport, it's always been baseball for me. I grew up watching Angels in the Outfield, Sandlot, Major League, Bad News Bears, A League of Their Own.

When we were in Florida, we were sitting on the beach and this guy came out of the water, out of no where, looked at us in our Royals hats and t-shirts and shouted "playoffs, baby!" and then went right on walking. We met another group of random Royals fans later that week, it was contagious.

I love that my little state has so much to be excited about. The Royals. Our soccer team- The Sporting KC- has some of the most enthusiastic fans ever, and our Chiefs. There's just always something to talk about with everyone. We're all on the same team.

So like I said earlier, I've never been much of a sports gal on the court, but man, do I love being a  fan in the stands.

Whether or not the Royals clench the World Series tomorrow night doesn't matter in the long run. (But man I am counting on sees the amazing smiles on those handsome players faces!)  It doesn't change the fact that they've made people believe again. It doesn't change the fact that they've given us all something to have in common again. We're there with them. That's what sports have taught me: When you're out, you're out. But when you are in, you'll always be in as long as you believe in your team.

Let's Go Royals!