Currently: A Life Lately Post


That Night by Chevy Stevens AND The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters 


Why 2 books at the same time, you ask?
Because I can't choose! They are both great. 

On nights when I just need to read myself to sleep, I read That Night, because it's  a "just skimming the surface" type book. Even though it's about a murder, it's not very deep. There are a lot of "and stuff" and it reads like a YA, almost. It's about a girl who is in jail for the murder of her sister, who, from behind bars, says she doesn't know how her sister died nor who killed her. It flashes back to before her sister was murdered and the present, where Toni is an adult who has been in prison for over half her life. Did she or didn't she? 

And then when I am alert and more with it, I read The Paying Guests. It's a 1920s drama about forbidden lust and mystery. Who can resist? It's also getting a lot of's on People Magazine's hot list, Amazon's best books of 2014 and I see it being added to everyone's Goodreads to-read lists constantly.

Trust me, you won't be able to resist reading it either.

Listening to...
Speaking of not being able to stay away from something, please tell me you've heard of the Serial Podcasts? I may be the last one to know about it, but if by chance I am not and can tell others about it, then I am doing my job. It's a series of podcasts about the murder case of Hae Lee in 1999. An investigator talks through police reports, crime scene notes and actual interviews with the man accused of her murder and tries to lay out the possible ways that Adnan Syead may be innocent. It's riveting. It's like Cold Case Files that I can take with me on the way to work and I couldn't be more obsessed if I tried. 

Preparing for...
The holidays. We haven't got much time left but all of the gifts are wrapped, the letters to Santa are written, the stockings are embroidered and hung and the anticipation of watching the kids open their presents are all in full force. 

The kids all made ornaments last weekend: 

The recipe is a little debatable...but has something to do with mixing water, baking soda and corn startch and then heating in on the stove until it's the consistency of mashed potatoes. 
Cut it with cookie cutters, let the kids decorate them with jewels and voila- a relatively cheat and easy (albeit extremely messy) holiday craft. 

Currently, I am totally failing in the Elf in the Shelf department. The kids are none the wiser but there might have been one morning when I forgot, and in one moment of sheer genius, threw toilet paper all over the tree in a mad dash, barely missing one of the kids catching me elf-handed. Tinker TP'd the tree and the kids thought that was utterly hilarious, so I'll chalk it up to a win. 


Currently...we're enjoying this little beauty... 

That's Miss Katniss and she's amazing. 

And right now, I am preparing for a snow day. One to three inches of winter flurries have arrived on my doorstep, just in time for me to spend the day working from home, snuggled on my couch. 

What are you currently reading, listening to, failing at, preparing for and enjoying?