Signs You've Recently Moved

Signs You've Recently Moved: 

You have rewashed the same pair of black leggings 5 times in one week because they are only thing you feel like unpacking. 

You sit and stare at blank walls wondering how to hang pictures like the ultra cool moms on Pinterest. 

You have a pile of junk in the corner of your bedroom because WHERE THE HECK are you supposed to put everything? And how in the world did you accumulate so much crap??

You can still smell the endless amount of paint primer. So.Much.Painting. 

You actually keep your house picked up for once because the newness makes everything look clean and you don't wait to ruin it. 

You've worn mismatched socks for 2 weeks straight.

You still have paint in your hair. 

You are so busy you forget your new bed is getting delivered and are in your underwear when the delivery truck shows up first thing in the morning at your front door. 

Your Tupperware is organized. 

You've spent more time on Etsy and Joss&Main looking at curtains than you are willing to admit. 

You know where are the batteries are. 

You've spent way too long looking at high school photos that you uncovered in the move.

You feel slightly guilty about the large number of toys you've secretly thrown away. "They must still be packed somewhere, sweetheart, we will find it eventually..." 

You like being home. 

And it feels so good!